About Microblading 

Microblading your eyebrows is a very important decision and can be life changing.  Please do your research when deciding who to chose for eyebrow microblading.  An important factor is the type of products used. Remember that brown is not a color, but a mixture of black, red & yellow.  When artists use cheap pigments, they contain illegal levels of metals and the yellow will fade the quickest leaving the client with red or grey/blue eyebrows.  Unstable pigments can change color and fade quickly.

Our Process For Microblading

Step 1: Consultation 

Custom tailored brows just for you.  During your one-on-one consultation our microblading experts will find out more about you and answer any questions you might have about this exciting procedure.

Step 2: Discuss Brow Shape 

Our Microblading experts will take their time with you to come up with a brow shape that compliments your facial features.

Step 3: Numbing 

High grade topical anesthetic is applied for a pain free procedure.

Step 4: Eyebrow  Mapping

Precise detail in marking where your brow should start and end along with finding out where your arch is naturally at its highest.

Step 5: New Brow Shaping

A well shaped brow outline.

Step 6: Perfecting Eyebrow Symmetry 

You approve new brow shape before the procedure begins.  The excitement begins!

Step 7: Microblading  Magic Begins

Lay down and relax. Your microblading begins.

Final Reveal :

Bye Bye To Drawing in Your Eyebrows

Wake up and just go.  No more drawing in your eyebrows or worrying about them smudging off.  The results are beautiful & natural!

See Our Transformations

All Photos by Maha Microblading clinic​


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All Photos by Maha Microblading clinic

  • Our Procedures are conducted to the Highest Standards of Hygiene & Safety within a Clinical Environment! 

  • Only Equipment of Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Standards.

  • And FDA approved products are used for the safety of all clients.

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Upon Consultation 

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Upon Consultation 

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