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Areola re-pigmentation & Scar Camouflage/revision

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Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to help women feel their most beautiful. It’s been my life’s mission that with my permanent makeup method, women will save precious time and wake up feeling gorgeous every day. When I see the beaming smiles on our clients’ faces, I know I’ve done my job. 


With over 15 years of dedicated experience perfecting her art, Maha has achieved a master skill level in all areas of permanent makeup application. She is always learning and evaluating the newest application methods and techniques. helped thousands of people gain newfound confidence, literally changing their lives.haveMaha 

5+ Year Experienced

4,000+ Procedures Completed 



The most obvious benefit to permanent makeup is waking up every day with your “face on.” You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up still looking put together and ready to go. It can be ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go. It is also perfect for people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, accidents, burns, or cosmetic surgery, as well as those who have allergies to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin.

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A few months ago, I had my eyebrows microbladed by someone else who was not certified and after a few weeks they turned blue and purple. I NEEDED to get it fixed. Luckily, I came in contact with Maha after seeing her incredible work on instagram, and seeing that she is actually certified and I made an appointment right away! I could not be happier with the result and it is now over a month since I had it done by Maha and they are still amazing. I have never received so many compliments on my brows before and my overall confidence has gone up. Maha if you are reading this, THANK YOU a million times again. I highly recommend Maha because of her flawless work, her adorable personality, and how much she actually cares about her clients. 

—  Kayla


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